Ibiza Morning - Cala Gracio
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Cala Gracio Ibiza

It’s a beautiful moment of relaxation awaiting you on Cala Gracio beach

A stone’s throw from the center of San Antoni, we advise you to go there on foot.


Clear water, fine sand, you will not be disappointed by the beauty of the place which will immediately make you want to lie down to enjoy the sun listening to the sound of the sea.

But Cala Gracio also offers rocky areas for diving as well as a beautiful pine forest with an intoxicating smell, perfect for a stroll. A beach that will suit you perfectly if you have children since the water is shallow and the currents are calm. They will be able to enjoy a safe swim.


In the early evening, take a stroll along the coast and stop at a bar to sip a cocktail while admiring the sunset. It is not uncommon to find in these establishments groups playing local music, guaranteed atmosphere.