Ibiza Morning - Discover Ibiza
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Discover Ibiza

Welcome to the White Island

A magical place in the heart of the Mediterranean.


Ibiza is undoubtedly the place to dream: long white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, unspoilt nature, all in a family atmosphere, friendly and warm.



Wise during the day, electrifying in the evening, it is this duality that makes the island a place apart, out of time. Ibiza will satisfy families looking for breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures, as well as electronic music lovers looking to enjoy the best nightclubs on the planet. And what is your Ibiza? To find out, embark on a journey you will never forget.



Ibiza is the third largest island in the Balearic Islands with 160 kilometres of coastline and 50 beaches. A density that allows it to offer varied and authentic natural landscapes. Between creeks, caves, hundred-year-old pines, fruit trees, but also protected animals and plants species, Ibiza is a real wild land where nature still has its rights.



A protected nature despite the rise of tourism which has marked the island the second half of the 20th century ago. Ibiza has 130,000 inhabitants but welcomes more than 4 million visitors every year! It must be said that in addition to its enchanting landscapes, the island also has a major asset: its climate, typically Mediterranean, which offers pleasant temperatures all year round.



Ibiza has a mindset,  inspired by hippies in the 60s.


They are the ones who contributed to the popularization of the island, and even if they are less numerous nowadays, their essence continues to permeate the atmosphere.



Here the key words are friendliness, pleasure and letting go. Moreover, how could we not be in peace with all the beauties that the island offers us ?



The beauty of the natural landscapes as well as the remains of the antique civilizations that shaped these lands: the Romans, the Phoenicians and the Byzantines.



Ibiza is the perfect place to celebrate, and remains THE reference for electronic nights around the world. The island welcomes the best DJs on the planet to mythical places of the night: the Pasha, the Amnesia, the DC10 or the Ushuaïa. Not to mention the world’s largest nightclub, listed in the Guiness Book of Records: the Privilege. A must in the nightlife world that can accommodate up to 10,000 people! People who never spent an evening in a club in Ibiza has never really experienced the power of the night.



It would be possible to write about Ibiza for hours, but the best thing is to come directly to the island so that you can see how much it has to offer. From the old Ibiza town, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, to  Es Vedra wilderness. From the Can Marça cave to the Salines Natural Park. From the Formentera houses with the white walls, to the DC10 dance floor, welcome to the island of a thousand facets. Welcome to Ibiza.