Ibiza Morning - Catedral Santa Maria de la Nieves
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Catedral Santa Maria de la Nieves

It is the most important sacred building on the island

The one called the Catedral Santa Maria de la Nieves is one of the symbols of Ibiza.


A name whose origin is interesting. It all began in the 13th century, when the island was dominated by the Moors. The Christians had promised themselves to conquer Ibiza. And they had sworn that once their conquest was completed they would build a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.


A successful conquest on August 8, 1235, a few days after the feast of Sainte-Marie des Neiges.


It is therefore quite naturally that the name Santa Maria de la Nieves was chosen. But the construction of the building took time, and it’s in the 14th century that the church was finally completed! And even the 18th century so that it has the appearance we know today. It was in the 18th century that the church was elevated to the rank of a cathedral after the Pope made Ibiza a bishopric.

When you walk through the streets you will not be able to pass by the building that overlooks the city. Inside its architecture will take your breath away. You can see a Jesus sculpture in a glass coffin. The nave has eight chapels. As for the bell tower, it was used at the time as a watchtower before the city was fortified.


Finally, if you go through the cathedral, feel free to stop at the museum attached to it. You will find works of art and various sacred objects dating back to the 14th century.