Ibiza Morning - Privilege
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Privilège Ibiza

Look no further, here it is: the biggest club on the planet.

Privilege is unique in the world, so don’t hesitate for a second to swing by San Rafael to spend the evening.


The gigantic size of this club takes on its full meaning when you think of its main hall, as big as an aircraft hangar! A hangar that can accommodate up to 10,000 people. Partying at Le Privilège means spending a few hours out of time, in a spectacular and grandiose atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else.


Privilège has a long history and its growth is in line with that of Ibiza. The club opened its doors in the 1970s, under the name Ku, famous for its indoor pool, a revolution at the time. Over the years, the disco has grown, metamorphosed, and now hosts exceptional parties bringing together the biggest stars of the planet.

Dantesque evenings to which are added moments of grace, such as when you can see the sunrise through the bay window of the Vista Club. Simply magical.