Ibiza Morning - Benumissa Park (Zoo project)
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Benumissa Park (Zoo project)

The most atypical clubs on the island!

You have an appointment with one of the most atypical clubs on the island! The Benimussa Park is a great place to play thanks to its wacky and extravagant atmosphere.

In order to realize this, it is absolutely necessary to participate in the Zoo project parties. A name that comes from the origin of the building, in the 70’s the place was a zoo.

Now, these jungle-themed parties punctuate this unusual outdoor club, so partygoers are invited to wear their best leopard prints or even try body painting!

Inside, there are 6 spaces for visitors, including an amphitheatre, a swimming pool and a living room. A beautiful volume to spend unforgettable moments to the rhythm of a quality electronic music between house and techno. Great artists of the underground scene follow one another on the turntables to give rhythm to the evenings of this zoo like no other.