Ibiza Morning - Cala Benirràs
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Cala Benirràs Ibiza

It’s a real moment of relaxation awaiting you at Cala Benirras.

This beach surrounded by rocks is a feast for the eyes.


These rocks are those of Cape Bernat, by climbing them you will enjoy a breathtaking view.


On the other hand if you wish to bathe be careful since the many rocks in the water do not really facilitate your progress, so watch where you set foot!

One of the peculiarities of this beach is the impressive number of boats and yachts that park there. Cala Benirras is a popular base for boaters, most of whom are there in the late afternoon to enjoy the sunset.


Besides, the sunsets are at the heart of the hippie ceremonies celebrated every Sunday on the beach. Cala Benirras is famous throughout the island for these ceremonies.


Artists and musicians come together to give a real show to the rhythm of the drums. If you are in the area do not miss this lovely moment of celebration that will undoubtedly mark your stay. Last tip: get there early on Sunday if you want to find a parking space easily.