Ibiza Morning - Cala Comte
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Cala Comte Ibiza

Another sublime place to relax and enjoy the sweetness of Ibiza.

Cala Comte brings together 3 beaches with turquoise waters.


Enjoy beautiful stretches of sand where sunbathing is a treat, a real moment of relaxation to share with family or friends. The water is not very deep which allows children to swim safely, provided of course not to stray too far from the edge.


A word of advice: come in the morning or at the end of the afternoon if you want to spend a little more quiet time, these beaches are very popular in high season.

Cala Comte is a sublime place to admire the sunset, besides it is not uncommon to see boats moored to enjoy the spectacle.


There are several options for getting to Cala Comte: car, bus or ferry.


The ferry leaves regularly from the port of San Antoni, it is probably the best way to get there, so you will enjoy a nice ride on the turquoise waters.