Ibiza Morning - Cova de Can Marçà
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Cova de Can Marçà

A breathtaking setting.

Visiting the Cova de Can Marça is like exploring a facet of the island that is not very well known: its innards.


The Cova de Can Maça is located in the north of the island, nestled in the cliffs between the beaches of Port Sant Miquel and Benirràs. You will have no trouble getting there by car. For this timeless break, 35-minute tours are offered by guides.


Originally, this cave, 10 metres above sea level, was a hideout for bandits and smugglers, they hid their loot there. Indeed, at this height it was difficult to steal the contents easily. Access conditions were complicated that is why the cave was impossible to visit for a long time.


It was only in the 1980s that work was done to ensure that tourists could also enjoy this unique cave, formed in a limestone rock.

To get there you go by a small outdoor path, ideal to have a breathtaking view of the bay.


Once inside you literally switch to another world. Your visit takes you to several rooms lined with stalactites and various rocky columns.


To make this place even more atypical and enchanting, a sound and light show is offered to you, thanks in particular to coloured and illuminated waters. A show that is inevitably worth a visit during your stay on the island.