Ibiza Morning - DC10
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DC10 Ibiza

Fasten your seatbelt to take off for the DC10.

Without a doubt, the most popular underground club on the island.


Partying at the DC10 is enjoying a unique experience, apart from the other clubs in Ibiza. The institution relies very little on advertising and prefers to base its reputation on the quality of its programming. Pure underground music that will transport you long hours on the dancefloor.


Go on the road to Las Salinas to enter this former airport hangar converted into a temple of the night. To enjoy the party at the DC10 it is absolutely necessary to participate in the afternoon sessions, parties that don’t stop until the early morning.


DC10 attracts electronic music lovers from all over the world. Most of them come here for the annual meetings proposed by the club, in particular the Circo Loco and its electric atmosphere where the word party takes all its meaning.

Many of the island’s now famous DJs started their careers at the DC10, proof that the club is a real talent scout.


Between techno, twist house, hard house, the DC10 will satisfy clubbers in search of the best in the world of electro.