Ibiza Morning - Las Salinas Parc
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Las Salinas Parc

A preserved natural setting.

From the very first moments you set your eyes on this natural park, you will be charmed by the beauty of these rosy waters, characteristic of the saltworks.


Water that gives this park a magical atmosphere.


During your walk you will have the chance to meet many animal species living freely. There are 210 species of birds! From the pink Flemish to the stork, including the Audouin’s gull. But the park is not only populated by birds, it is also full of Pityuse lizards, which are very numerous on these lands. Lizards that feast their eyes on the 178 plant species present on site, including majestic Mediterranean pines and century-old cedars.

As much rich from the ground as rich from the water. The marine environment represents 75% of the park, including Ocean Posidonia, a marine plant essential for the fish conservation and marine organisms, and water oxygenation.


The Salt Works Natural Park is not only a territory where nature recovers its rights, it is the memory of old civilizations. Indeed, there are still remnants of a distant past, including these defensive towers along the park’s coastline.


A true paradisiacal postcard with its breathtaking landscapes, the Salt Lake Park is one of the essential walks during your stay in Ibiza. It is a classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, proof of its exceptional richness.