Ibiza Morning - Monumento de Cala Llentia
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Monumento de Cala Llentia

A work that seems coming straight from another world.

A work that seems coming straight from another world.


Cala Llentia monument, in San Jose, will obviously attract your eyes, its structure and design being so extraordinary. This monument, composed of 13 basalt columns, has been built by Andrew Rogers.


This Australian artist put the finishing touches to his work in 2014. Actually, it was commissioned by Guy Laliberté, creator of the Cirque du Soleil and an Ibiza true lover. This structure, commonly known as Ibiza Stonehenge, is part of a collection of fifty works that the Australian artist has disseminated around the world. In the centre of these columns culminates a 24-metre monolith surmounted by a gold plaque! And to add mystery to this atypical construction, Andrew Rogers engraved signs on the columns, signs whose meaning has not been revealed…

In addition to the beauty of the architecture, which alone is worth the trip, visiting the place will also allow you to contemplate a breathtaking sunset, one of the most beautiful on the island, quite simply, thanks to the view over Es Vedra.


In addition, before getting to the work, do not miss the doors of Cala Llentia. They too are full of mystery since we do not know who is the author of these two majestic doors with Arabic engravings.


In just a few years, the Cala Llentia monument has become one of the island’s most famous attractions. A breathtaking work that sublimates a breathtaking landscape. A must see during your visit to Ibiza.