Ibiza Morning - Pacha
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Pacha Ibiza

The oldest discotheque in Ibiza.

A true institution on the island, the Pacha opened its doors in 1973, making it the oldest discotheque in Ibiza.


This former farmhouse now has 5 rooms that can accommodate 3,500 people. La Pacha is a special club on the island, as it is the only one open all year round. Its reputation is well established, and festival lovers from all over the world know it and many come to taste the atmosphere of the Pasha in the heart of Eivissa…


If the Pasha has such a strong aura it is also thanks to the internationally renowned artists who perform there. The best DJs in the world come through this club. DJs with a variety of styles, from underground electronic music to the most mainstream tracks, including timeless classics.

As you have understood, the Pacha is a real institution in Ibiza, a must for your festive nights.